Cultural Diversity In Schools

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Lots of students come from different country and different culture study together in some universities. In other words, this is cultural diversity in education. This group of students make the university life become colorful and cultural diversity also bring both benefits and problems. Students can feel different cultural and it is good for them if they are going to travel to other country or make friends from other places. As well as business, people can get a lot of help from the classmates during the school life if they study in a cultural diversity school. Besides, research shows that cultural diversity can let students study better and have good grades because of the excitation or encourage from their mind on each other, in other word,…show more content…
In fact, discrimination exist in almost every cultural diversity school or international school (Miligan 2008). Mostly, there were several situations. Besides the first one is White man discriminate against the blacks. Second is they discriminate against the yellows. However, university make a great effort on holding more activities to help different people learn others’ cultures. Some related personnel propose university to hold every country theme activity because students need to know different countries’ current situation (Antonio 1999). For this point, some students go aboard in England. There were many English students still kept the old China memory in their mind, they still thought China had no skyscrapers, great buildings or even beautiful house. Some English also thought Chinese kept long braids and women still wrapped their feet. They thought China was still a behindhand country. And after they learn the culture of China and the recent situation of China, they understand Chinese and they were willing to be their friends. Thus after promote every countries’ cultural and current situation, students will learn different cultural and knowledge (Manzoni 2011). Besides, students can also have more opportunities to make new friends. More friends means more opportunities to do something, they can…show more content…
The problems include many kinds of bias and stereotype. There are mainly three types which are bias on the blacks by white man, bias on the yellows by both white and black people, bias on Japanese by Chinese. However, the solutions are setting up many international organizations to organize different groups of people study together; holding more activities or theme program to give students more opportunities to learn more about each other’s countries’ cultural; teaching students different cultural and current situation about other country. As for the benefits, if the problems are solved, students can focus on their study and have a wonderful time during their school days. However, they can also learn a lot of knowledge about other countries and make many new friends from everywhere. It is good for student’s

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