Cultural Diversity In The Workplace

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Human brings composed of composed of diverse races, languages and cultures. These aspects of life give distinctive features to a particular group of people. When people holding different cultural and linguistic come into contact with each other, then, some interesting things take place and some difficulties also arise especially at the work place. The world of today is greatly changed when it was compared to times decades ago. The technological, economical, political and social changes have completely thrown off lifestyle and way of interaction with the world (Moran et al, 2014).
Today, the world has become more interactive by technological inventions such as transportation and motivated by the conceptions of globalisation, world trade, international marketing and so. The results of these changes have created the scenario of multi-culturalism, especially at work places. The movements of people have been greatly increased by these changes. So the shifting of people is increasing at an exponential rate. The working together with people at the same place has encouraged the chances to understand each other, but has also created some difficulties, at the same time. The difficulties are mainly associated with practical, emotional and communication difficulties. So, it becomes that skills to understand, manage, and solving these cultural differences and continuing normality of work for success and business development (Ochieng et al, 2014). The scenario when people who
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