Cultural Diversity Reflection

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1. What is one significant thing you have learned since arriving to UVM? How have you changed as a result of what you have learned? How do you envision using this knowledge/experience to benefit your community, if hired as an RA?

Since arriving to UVM, I have developed a deeper knowledge of what cultural diversity means for myself and others. Though I grew up in Southern California, surrounded by many different ethnicities and ideologies, issues such as social justice were not frequently acknowledged or discussed amongst my peers. As an education major, I now recognize the importance in connecting to and learning about the people you are working with. The multifaceted process of teaching involves skills that would be highly beneficial for an RA, such as effective communication and extensive knowledge of standards and expectations. Furthermore, the emphasis my program has placed on meeting diverse needs, specifically within the classroom, taught me how best to create an inclusive environment for others.

2. Commitment to diversity, social justice, and inclusive communities is one of the main priorities for Residential Life at UVM. Please describe an experience that made you aware of one or more of your social identities (e.g. race, sex, gender, sexual identity, nationality, class, ability, religion, veteran status, etc.). How did that experience inform your definitions of diversity and social justice? How do you envision using that definition to build an inclusive

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