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1. What is one significant thing you have learned since arriving to UVM? How have you changed as a result of what you have learned? How do you envision using this knowledge/experience to benefit your community, if hired as an RA?

Since arriving to UVM, I have developed a deeper knowledge of what cultural diversity means for myself and others. Though I grew up in Southern California, surrounded by many different ethnicities and ideologies, issues such as social justice were not frequently acknowledged or discussed amongst my peers. As an education major, I now recognize the importance in connecting to and learning about the people you are working with. The multifaceted process of teaching involves skills that would be highly beneficial for
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While observing his on-duty walks, I felt that I would have no problem completing the process in an efficient manner.

4. The ability to build and maintain relationships with others is important to the RA position. Please talk about a time in which you were in conflict with someone (please don 't list specific names). What was the conflict about and what was your role in the conflict? How was the conflict resolved? What did you learn about yourself and others during that experience?

During a conflict with one of my family members, I felt that assumptions about my character were being made without sufficient reasoning. Instead of lashing out or becoming frustrated, I made an effort to communicate with this individual and express my opinion in a rational manner. I discovered that the main issue was a misunderstanding on both of our parts, which could have been remedied earlier through a clear and honest discussion. In addition, part of resolving this matter was establishing healthy boundaries between the two of us, which previously had not been in place. Regarding this experience, I learned that my relationships with others can be enhanced by taking genuine responsibility for my actions and maintaining a calm and understanding demeanor if conflict does arise. In terms of an RA position, I feel confident in my ability to resolve disagreements or tensions that may occur between residents. Likewise, I hope to develop a hall environment where students are encouraged to reach out for my assistance when needed. Developing relationships that are built on trust and respect is a top priority for me as a resident
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