Cultural Domination In Education Essay

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Culture is more powerfull widespreade or influentional within social and political identity in which multipal culture are present. In society we first establish language, religion, value, rituals, social custom this trend are often to know are the society as whole the dominant culture usually but not always in the majority it’s dominant by controlling social institution such as communication, education institution, artistic expression, law, political process and business. The culture that is dominant within the particular the political religion change over time response to over internal and external factor, but one usually very religion able to reproduce itself from generation to generation. The concept of cultural domination is generally used the academic discourse and field such as sociology,
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Identity become important process of modern politics. Political position base on view of social group which people are identify. Political identity the way think of myself and the way think perceive by other people, have I get, what I want,when I get. Identity politics is widely used in social science and describing the prevalence of the category of identity such as nationality, sexual identity, religion, culture, language, disability etc. The mobilization base on this identification is called identity politics.
Identity politics is wide range of political activity and base on theories in sharing experience of injustice of member of certain social group. Identity are grounded in inequalities, social difference and social division. Structural social inequalities is remain important, they have not disappear but such inequalities is not longer identity, there are more liquidity and choice involve in identity but choice is not radical. Importance of inequality, division, difference varies from place to place, time to time, and from individual to

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