Cultural Elements In My Life

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Every individual has a different cultural identity; our cultural identities are often formed through our experiences. “Who are you?” is a question often asked at the beginning of the semester by multiple professors and I never know how to answer. A majority of the time I respond by talking about the surface elements, like where I am from, my age, my major, and how I enjoy spending my free time. Whenever I am asked this question or something similar to it, I never think to answer with the deep culture elements, such as my beliefs, my values, and my role in my family. Discussing the deep culture elements in my life is very personal because while it has shaped me to be the person I am today, they were formed through what I have experienced and those who have influenced me. On March 28, I was born in St. Louis to two loving parents, Margie and Tom, and one older sister, Emily. My family’s dynamic changed from being a family of three to a family of four. My mom was a teacher before she had my sister, but decided to stay at home with my sister and I. My dad worked during the day and took night classes to work on his Master’s. My sister had to adjust to life with a baby sister; she was no longer the baby of the family. She learned how to share and became very protective of me. As I grew up, my family and I were very close; we still are! We love to take Sunday drives, visit my Grandparents and extended family, go on road trips, play basketball in our driveway, and work on projects

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