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1) Cultural emergent is something that happens over time, when the once ideal way of going about things is changed. What was once not known or a minority, becomes part of the majority. This differs from other approaches to culture because it isn’t learned through society over time like most. Cultural emergence doesn’t involve learning anything new, it brings additional things to an already structured culture. I believe this is one approach to culture America does not take. Spector reminds us that when coming here, immigrants often will assimilate to the culture we have instead of expressing their own (pg. 48). If we strive in being the land of the free, we should accept everyone for who they are, regardless of where they came from. If America…show more content…
The U.S. Census is a good example of this. As we read this week in Spector, it changes as Americas culture does in the decade being studied (pg. 45). This is a good example because it may seem to us that the majority of America is of white origins; when in fact our culture is expanding and becoming more diverse. As mentioned within the lecture notes, I agree that it’s important we expand our minds on what diversity means. For instance, age is something in America that is diverse. The data Spector displays from the 2010 Census showed that over 35% of people 18-44 are part of the working population (pg. 46). I believe this shows an ever-changing culture as I’m sure these statistics were different 15-20 years ago. This can be due to several reasons, such as cultural changes like the cost of living increasing. It could also be due to more jobs demanding higher education from…show more content…
When mentioning the increase of diversity, it’s more than just people of different races or ethnic backgrounds. As future health care providers, I believe that it’s essential to realize this. That diversity involves young people, old people, straight, gay, bisexual, wealthy, middle class, poor etc. One characteristic from the reading this week that stuck out to me were the disadvantages foreign-born people face. Spector mentions they are more likely to make less money which can lead to them living in poverty (pg. 52). For example, while the number of Hispanics in America is increasing, they are more likely to face these struggles. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a debate on whether healthcare is a luxury or a human right. If they are struggling to make money, leading them to live in poverty can affect their health. It is part of our job as healthcare providers to educate ourselves on areas such as this, to be able to treat all people

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