Cultural Encounters In American Culture

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Everyone around the world has different beliefs, behaviors, objects and religion that are common for a particular society or a group of people who enjoys shared values and thus gives positive contributions to the society. This is called Culture. These are carried on by the people from generation by generation. It is the particular view point, customs and beliefs that discern one culture from another. It is transferred from one generation to another through language, material objects, and daily rituals. For example tribe’s men in different parts of the world love to carry guns and swords, they are not for using against someone but it’s their culture. That best describes the cultural encounters faced by people while going from culturally different…show more content…
The first question that comes to our mind is about what are cultural encounters. The answer to this question is that social encounters are used to nominate social relations between people belonging to different cultures, places and the objects. Cultural encounters occurs in societies where there are people belonging to different cultures mind sets and backgrounds as a result of migration, war, or economic recession. After the British Empire started leaving colonies, people from these former colonies started to look for countries providing better living opportunities such as jobs, education and medical facilities. As a result large number of minorities flocked Europe. When we talk about America as it was formed by joining together different cultures into one state there were tensions found there and are seen even today. There is a power struggle going on since independence. Usually the problem arises because of minority culture sometimes clashing with the majority. Discrimination takes place when one group is treated differently from another based on his looks, clothes, and his social
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