Cultural Ethnicity In Malaysia

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Ethnic relation Ethnic is characteristic of a human group that having racial , religious, linguistic and certain other traits in common because of similarities of physical type or the same history of colonisation. In Malaysia, the three major ethnic groups could be distinguished through all of those traits and others. In this paper , I would like to explain two types of Ethnic Groups which are cultural ethnic groups and economic ethnic groups. CULTURAL ETHNIC GROUPS Cultural ethnic groups is an ethnic group that shares set of values , experiences that differ substantially from other ethnic groups within society. Cultural ethnic groups pass on symbols , language , and other components of the cultural and other components of the cultural heritage to the next generation . There are three several major Ethnic that could be distinguished through all of these traits and others. MALAY Malay or usually we called it Melayu , is the largest ethnic in Malaysia. Malay is refers to people who is Muslim and practise all of…show more content…
The Chinese come to Malaysia is around 19th century for their business . The chinese have three major differences dialect that practise in some part of Malaysia. The Hokkien is practised by people who live predominantly on the northern of Penang island . The Mandarin is usually spoken by people who lived predominantly in the southern state of Johor. And the last one is Cantonese practised by people who live predominantly in Kuala Lumpur. Like Malay , the Chines is also has their unique wedding tradition . This tradition beginning with the preparing fro the wedding. According to the chinese custom the engagement gifts are given one or two week before the wedding ceremony. This beliefs is known as Guo Da Li , which refers that the groom’s family offer food items and gifts to the bride’s family. It is symbolisation of food luck and

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