Cultural Exchange In Cuba

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Cultural exchange is the transmission of cultures between nations linked to culture human presence is closely correlated evolution with human life, according to submit individual creativity and production in various fields, culture when Taylor is "complex and interlocking system, which includes languages, beliefs and knowledge and the arts, instructions and laws and constitutions moral standards and values, customs and habits social traditions and skills possessed by members of a particular community, "Culture is the foundation engine humanitarian act, and the standard of civilization to the United Nations and the advancement linked
Cultural their progress in all semantics word and its contents, and this is attested by contemporary advanced
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The cultural exchange to have to identify legitimate means to transfer

Cultural exchange characteristic of it is based on addressing the mind and
Give full opportunity to consider and understanding, dialogue and criticism,

In Cuba you German Shepherd is a collection for the first time hypnotic tales linked to attempts on immigrants to make a new life in America, by award-winning vehicle pay the Cuban-American Ana Menendez hand. The lush, storyteller generous, Menendez summons effort major up and topics feature in short stories: the hopes and disappointments of the post-Castro Cuba Revolution, comfort and terror of Havana in all its beauty and sadness, and cultural ties that bind the family, and the contrast between people's dreams and reality. Rarely author of the acquired substantially sting and regret for life caught in the weather
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His words are the punch line to one of the countless jokes says to his comrades in Domino Park in Miami. A group of Cuban immigrants and the Dominican gathered regularly, ignoring most of the tourists who come to gape at the older colored men playing dominoes only Maximo victims feel, as if the spectators and reduce life and culture, and treated like an animal in a zoo. Mixed feelings of pride and frustration that comes with adapting to American society are the common threads in this group moves by the Cuban-American, and the author's award-winning vehicle paid by
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