Cultural Exchange Research Paper

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Tourism is constantly one of the surely understood subject. The meaning of tourism is the provisional developments of individual’s destinations outside their typical spots to different spots. There are a wide range of purposes with regards to voyaging. Two of the normal intentions are relaxation and business. Tourism is one of the quickest developing industry on the planet. Tourism has turned out an essential part that affects building up the locale's economy. The vast majority of the general population trust that tourism are wage creation and producing opening for work. As indicated by David Scowsill, President and CEO of the world travel and tourism board, said the business will keep on expanding by and large by 4.4 percent for every annum…show more content…
Tourism industry facilities cultural exchange tourist carry over various cultural concepts of other countries where they visit. Local people can learn their language, art, skill, culture etc. and vice versa. Cultural exchange is a broad definition given to any mutual sharing of information, usually cultural, between two or more species for the purpose of improving friendship and understanding between them. Cultural exchange with other countries is a very important means of deepening understanding of Japan on the part of other countries and promoting international friendship and goodwill. As interdependence among nations is increasing today, it has become more and more important to cultivate personal contacts among nations by promoting, through cultural exchanges, mutual understanding of the social foundation of each nation, such as its language, customs and cultural traditions. The recent participation by China as a theme country in the 2014 Smithsonian Folk Life Festival on the National Mall was a statement about the importance of culture in bringing our nations closer together and of our commitment to continue that exchange. More than 1 million visitors attended the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival, and I am especially proud that some 120 master folk artists from China are a part of this major international cultural event. The brilliant potters, textile artists, musicians and kite makers who came to Washington brought with them the pride of art and craftsmanship and a diversity that represents the best of what we are as a people. And it all took place on that green strip of ground between the Capitol building and the Washington Monument that contains a stone from China, a gift from the Qing

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