Cultural Experience In Andalusia

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II. Malaga, Andalusia Malaga is a well-known Andalusian city and is also one of the oldest cities in the world. Each year thousands of tourist arrive to visit its Gothic Cathedral, museums, beaches, modern port and urban traditional bars. In fact, Malaga is considered as the main economic and touristic centre of southern Spain with the history about almost three thousand years. Moreover, thanks to its Mediterranean climate with an average of more than 300 days of sunshine, this city is highly recommended for holidays and vacations even during the winter. Due to my trip in Western Europe, my visit to Malaga was in spring. I have spent two weeks in Spain and stayed in this magnificent city for three nights. Apart from the fact that I have fully enjoyed all kinds of local restaurants, architectures and shops, I have experienced certain cultural elements that have greatly drawn my attention: Mediterranean diet, the wonderful catholic parades during the Holy Week, the European tourists’ passion for Picasso, etc. Therefore, I would like to include a few cultural factors in this project as well as to present the analysis along with my…show more content…
When I was having Spanish tapas and a cup of coffee, I tried to talk with some tourists from other tables with the intention to understand more about Andalusia, this beautiful region. Many of them shared with me their personal experiences in Spain and explained to me that Spanish people were considered very passionate and talkative even in western societies. I was also told that it was one of the biggest festivals in Spain: the first day of Semana Santa (Holy Week). Therefore, later there would be a procession in the city centre: real walking chapels of over five thousand kilos carried by a group of bearers well costumed as well as military parades playing processional marches along with the music and songs during the whole

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