Cultural Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

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When a business plans to launch a new product, there are different things to keep in mind before doing so. The consumer buyer behavior is an important thing to take into consideration. This assignment will convey how some factors affect the consumer behavior, and how these factors play a big role in influencing what people choose to buy. Consumer behavior is simply the study of the behavior of customers while buying any product. It is a significant aspect to bear in mind before launching a new product as mentioned previously. For a business, to avoid the risk of product failure, marketers should study the behavior of consumers and then produce accordingly. There are four different factors that have an impact on consumer behavior, and they are cultural factors, social factors, personal factors and psychological factors. The first factor is culture, which involves the thoughts, words, traditions, feelings and language of society. Cultural Factors: Culture is the part of every society and is the significant cause of a person’s wants, needs, and behavior. The influence of culture on consuming behaviors is different and varies from country to country. Therefore marketers should be cautious in analyzing diverse groups…show more content…
People’s lifestyles and buying considerations or decisions widely differ according to their profession. For example, a doctor’s purchasing power can be effortlessly differentiated from that of a teacher. Therefore, marketing managers have to design different strategies to suit the buying motives of all the different occupational groups or economic statuses. Also, in today’s society people are extremely concerned about societal status and their personal image. The status of an individual in a society is projected through the various products they purchase, whether it is their clothing, their cars, or any other personal

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