Cultural Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour

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The roles of these factors differ for different products. In other words, there is a dominant factor in purchasing a product while other factors are less influential. Some of these factors are unified in consumer thought, processed in such a way that he finally makes a buying decision and the response he gives to the driving factors is the act of buying or not buying the product offered. The factors that affect the consumer behaviour in making purchasing decisions according to Kotler are cited by Bilson Simamora (2004: 6) that are cultural factors, social factors, personal factors, and psychological factors. 1. Culture Factor Cultural factors have the most widespread and deepest influence on consumer behaviour. The market has to understand the role played by its culture, sub culture, and social class of buyers. a. Cultural Culture is a set of basic values, perceptions, desires and behaviours learned from members of a society, families and other important institutions. Those included in this culture are cultural shifts and family values (Kotler and Armstrong, 2001: 197) b. Subcultures Subcultures are prominent cultural patterns, and are part or segments of a wider and more complex population community. c. Social Class The social class is a relatively permanent and organized order in a community whose members have the same values, interests, and behaviours. Social classes are measured as a combination of work, income, education, wealth, and other variables. Social class
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