Cultural Factors And Causes Of Child Labor In Africa

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Child Labour in Africa Child labour is very prevalent in Africa. Estimates from the International Labour Organization show that the number of child labourers is decreasing in Africa but the rate of decrease is very low compared to other regions of the world. The scenario in sub-Saharan countries is very pathetic. Almost 31% of the children (aged under 14) in these countries are involved in some sorts of child labour. As per latest estimation, the total number of child labourers in Africa is around 30% of the world’s child labourers are in sub-Saharan region. Lack of proper education, extreme poverty, cultural factors etc. are facilitating child labour in Africa (ILO, 2013). More than 60% of the children in this region are involved highly dangerous work, as also known as ‘Hazardous work’. Children are being used for street trading, drug trafficking, battle, agricultural works, pornography, prostitution. Moreover, they are being forced to engage in slavery and bondage. So, it can be observed that the child labour scenario in Africa is very intense and require immediate attention from the government agencies and international development partners. Child Labour in Nigeria The developing countries of the world are suffering from some acute problems, and child labour, the unexpected phenomenon where children are compelled to work outside their home to contribute in the family earning, is one of these crucial problems. It is quite common in Nigeria, to find kids ranging from

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