The Vanishing Adolescent Analysis

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Every teenager has a problem and there is no doubt about it. As any parent of a teenager knows that discipline can be difficult and confusing issue, of course a teenager also knows what good behavior is and which is the right way to comfort and make their elders happy. The teenagers of nowadays grow up in different social structures unlike those in the past. In The Vanishing Adolescent Edgar Friendenberg (1959, pp.15) postulates an essential incompatibility between modern society and adolescence as a unique developmental period. In his view adolescence identity formation proceeds mainly with society. This essay is on how teenagers treat their elders regardless of being positive or negative.
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During this time individuals experience physical, cognitive, emotional and psychological changes, some of which may be influenced by “cultural factors” (Esman,1990).Much of the elders critics of teens revolves around parents perceived inability to be involved with their children and teach them the right values. It is not just the elderly who question the lack of the values they see in the youth, parents of teenagers share the same concerns . While the publics concerns are perhaps exaggerated, they are not unfounded.
Teenagers nowadays are very rude. They do not respect people of older age. They can not tell them something without hearing rude words in return. They want elders to respect their opinions but they do not express something valuable and do not dot do anything for what they can be respected. They do not respect opinion of elders whilst they are older and know better in many aspects. They not only respect but they do not want even to listen and to try to
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