Cultural Factors That Affect Consumer Behaviour

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1.1. Aim:
The topic of my research project is the impact of cultural factors on the consumer behaviour: a comparison of British and Chinese students at Nottingham Trent University (NTU).
1.2. Objectives:
Objectives the research proposal are a follows:
- To evaluate the concept of consumer behaviour.
- To determine what cultural aspects that influence consumer behaviour.
- To compare to cultural factors affect on consumer behaviour between British and Chinese students.
1.3. Rationale:
The study of consumer behaviour is very important to each business since it allows them to understand and predict buying behaviour of consumers in the marketplace. Therefore, when they judge the behavior of consumers, they will orient their
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The methodology may include publication research, interviews, surveys and other research techniques, and could include both present and historical information" by Business dictionary online (Business dictionary, 2017). The research will use a quantitative method. Kruger (2003) claims that 'quantitative methods allow us to summarize vast sources of information and facilitate comparisons across categories and over time'. It means that the method allows for a broader study, involving a significant number of students that helps to enhance the generalisation of the results. Furthermore, it can allow for greater objectivity and accuracy of results by choosing free samples from at least 15 Chinese students and 15 British students at NTU. In addition, questionnaires survey will be used to this research and it makes time-efficient to analyse data, as a standard questionnaire, which provides quantifiable answers for a research topic, is designed to be simple and specific. Thus, these answers might be relatively easy to analyse that help to save time. Nevertheless, there are several disadvantages of this method. Specifically, dishonesty can be an issue with the research, the number of samples that need to be studied from the student may not be enough to analyze the data and they are not suitable to investigate long, complex issues. This study will be…show more content…
Consumer behavior is required for marketers to study consumer behavior so that they can come up with effective marketing strategies. If marketers have important knowledge about consumer preferences, they can anticipate potential customers' response to their product or service. Consequently, by studying consumer behavior before and during their purchase, they help create a comprehensive marketing strategy. Consumer behavior research is equally important for non-profit organizations such as charities, hospitals, government agencies and so on. For example, the government needs to study consumers' behavior to provide them with the goods and services they need to understand potential future issues such as disease, environmental pollution and so on. In addition, understanding the behavior of consumers is essential before implementing remarketing programs. For instance, the motives, attitudes or behavior of consumers when the product is low quality or harmful. Moreover, consumer behavior research not only benefits marketers but also benefits the business. Since it helps them create a strong point in understanding the customer, resulting in satisfying consumer demand for product / service satisfaction. It raises the trust and loyalty of the customer to the business, the number of potential

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