Cultural Globalization In Brazil

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The Concept of Globalization
The concept of globalization is widely used in many fields, which includes economic globalization and cultural globalization. And the concept of “cultural globalization” is also often found in various media. In the past, many scholars focused their discussions on globalization at the economic level, defining globalization as a one-sided economic expansion accompanied by the colonial struggle. But now, it becomes a constantly updated concept,which refers to the intensification of consciousness and compression of the world.(Roland, 1993) In addition, the process and the actions of globalization are also changing now. The reason why globalization develop rapidly is the result of internal forces and external forces.
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From my perspective, I do believe that the historical legacy of colonization has an impact on globalization and it can not be ignored. But it not means the globalization is the result of colonization. To be sure, we can see the difference after suffering the cultural colonization in the ideological field. For instance, colonization had an impact on Brazil, especially for education. The heavy legacy of slavery and colonization has connected with intercultural communications. In additions, international approaches also can reflect the way which these relations have made a huge difference on the system of education and played a great role on the history of Brazil. Furthermore, it also define the places that different groups of people will control in the social structure. In the history of Brazil, Brazilian has experienced slavery and there is an official policy of “whitening” the population, which is a manifestation of racial discrimination and social inequality.When it comes to intercultural communication in Brazil, there is a vital legal and juridical component that has a important effect on the implement of interculturalism in Brazil. And the conception of providing space for discussion and feedback of cultural diversity and intercultural communication is a comparatively new since intercultural approaches have just appeared for…show more content…
And "globalization" is often linked to or interchanged with "global," "internationalization," "Americanization," or "global capitalism”.And these words are often used to explain the tight interconnectedness of the international political situation or the influence of certain superpowers. In addition, when there is a discussion about intercultural relations or communication, “Americanization”, “western domination” are two crucial points that many scholars are argue about. To be sure, we are faced with a world situation that the society is constantly changing and there is new continuous stimulation, debates, and reform of education in countries around the world. (Huilan, 2007) And the superpower of some western countries do have some influence on the intercultural relations, and those superpowers may have more chances to speak in some international affairs. However it does not mean they control everything since that all countries have a say in the affairs of their states. Indeed, U.S.Americanization and western domination will play some great roles in some international affairs, but it is vital to have a correct view of the influence of the superpower instead of greatly exaggerating the impact of the superpower. Since we can find that there is a positive significant relationship between the acceptance of U.S. hegemony and cultural and
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