Cultural Heritage In Malaysia Essay

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1.1 INTRODUCTION Chapter one of this research will introduce the purpose of conducting this study where to document the Kadazan traditional death customs and practices and also to identify the rituals involved in the process. The existence of religion somehow changes the customs and practices. Thus, it is important to preserve the cultural and heritage of Kadazan traditional practices and customs in funeral. As a start brief definition regarding the cultural heritage tourism, background of cultural heritage tourism in Malaysia and Sabah will be discussed, followed by the introduction of Kadazan ethnic in Sabah. Furthermore, in this first chapter the research issue, problem statement and research objective will be highlighted which will linked to the…show more content…
First, tangible cultural heritage which is the heritage buildings or artefacts. Second, intangible cultural heritage that referring to people’s ways of life, values and attitudes. Symbolical, historical, informational, aesthetical and economical is the variation values of cultural heritage in Malaysia. Research by Dharmarajan and Aziz and Lokman (2006), illustrated that Malaysia is a multi-racial country with a rich cultural heritage where cultures have been meeting and mixing since the very beginning of its history. Much of its cultural heritages are recorded in various format - manuscripts, artefacts, sculptures, traditional motifs and designs on textiles and jewellers and kept in libraries, museums, archives, art galleries and cultural centres. These cultural potentials demand proper preserving, management and promotion. Preserving this culturally related potential means preserving the nation, a situation that in turn would keep human civilization in Malaysia. 1.3.1 Cultural Heritage Tourism in

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