Cultural Heritage: The Importance Of Heritage Conservation

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The importance of the heritage conservation Cultural heritage presents its value with many dimensions including historical, aesthetic, symbolic and scientific reference (Rizzo et al., 2013). It is the fundamental to learn the history, a symbolic inheritage represent the city associated with past people and place living in the communities that they value and precious things, both tangible and intangible. So the cultural heritage is not only about the protection and reservation. The important role of cultural heritage plays in a society to support its continuity, heritage represents the interaction between people and communities, the relationship with identity, individual and collective memories (Auclair and Fairclough, 2010). It also creates and promotes the diversity in the community engagement that retains the sense of place of the area and reinforces social cohesion (UNESCO, 2016). Sustainable development is not the fresh term. It principally consists three main elements: environmental , societal, and economic, It also can be broadly discussed in multidisciplinary areas, such as tourism, welfare, and political. More researchers significant recognised the linkage between the heritage conservation and sustainable development.(UNESCO, 2016; Watson & Waterton, 2011), and UNESCO has put cultural heritage into the sustainable development in the global context, and ICOMOS (1999 Article 12) emphasises that without community participation heritage conservation cannot
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