Cultural Heritage Tourism In America

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On the contrary, the United States has the benefit of its diverse cultures, which leads its tourism more sustainable. The United States does not practice the cultural heritage tourism because it does not have the museums and monuments as much as France does. However, there are different features in each tourist city of the United States, which attract tourists to stay longer. For example, the feature of the West Coast is about sunshine and beaches, and therefore some famous attractions in San Francisco and Los Angeles are beaches such as Santa Cruz, Santa Monica. These are the must-go places to tourists when they visit in California, because they cannot find the same California sunshine in other places, and this presents that the uniqueness…show more content…
American culture differs to French culture. Americans will smile and greet at strangers, and this culture will make tourists think that Americans are nice and friendly. The more good memories tourists have, the more likely that they will come back. More than 230 high school students from six countries concluded a year of study in the United States for Learning Youth Exchange and Study Program. Christina, one of the students who is from Germany, expressed how she thought about the United States, “I really like that Americans are so friendly and open to people they don’t know. Like in the checkout line at Wal-Mart, somebody just taps you on the shoulder and asks how are you and wants to know if you have a good day and can you recommend these candies. I really enjoyed that”(“Visiting Students Find Americans Don’t Fit Stereotypes”). Christina’s first expression depicts how a tourist will experience in the U.S. Also, Americans’ friendliness made Christina enjoyed her time in the U.S. This is a key point for tourists because they want to enjoy every moment during their trip. More importantly, this friendliness will also increase the sustainability of tourism because tourists are more likely to come back if they had a nice trip…show more content…
Even though France is the destination where the most international tourists arrive, tourism is a main part of French economy and thereby it is important for them to improve the rank in terms of tourist revenues. All in all, we can summarize the shortcomings of French tourism are, France does not have enough tourist cities and uniqueness of the attractions to make tourists staying longer, as well as its problems of pickpocket and unfriendliness to tourist are continuing. These shortcomings will definitely influence the future of French tourism. Hence, France should learn from the U.S. to develop more tourist cities and different features of the attractions, solve the safety problem immediately and make an attitude adjustment. It is important for France to correct these shortcomings not only because it will be more likely to overtake the United States in terms of revenues, but also the competitiveness and sustainability of its tourism will increase. In this global era, competitiveness and sustainability are the two elements that determine the future of tourism. Therefore, France has to put more effort to improve

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