Cultural Identity Definition

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Not all people understand the true meaning of cultural identity. To be honest, I didn 't either until recently when we started talking about cultural identity in English class. Since then I have discovered my culture is like a roller coaster, it has many ups and downs. I am a 15 year old, white, hard working girl with a good heart, and a caring friend and family member to many. Cultural identity has more meaning to it than just skin color, hair, eyes, what you eat, traditions, etc. Yes, your cultural identity makes up who you are and what you look like, but it goes way beyond those characteristics. Cultural identity could deal with your beliefs, decisions, and even what you hold yourself to succeed in life such as personal goals. Not everyone is expected to be held to the same expectations, that 's what makes us different and that 's also when cultural identity comes into play. My cultural identity, specifically, may or may not be very different from yours. Starting off with the basics I’m white, as stated previously, Naturally, l…show more content…
To go into more detail, my cultural identity comes with my very own special beliefs. For example, I believe that if you do good you 'll receive good, nothing has shown me otherwise. To turn that around, I also believe that if you do bad karma does exist and even worse will come back to you. Some of the decisions that I have to make every single day reflect my cultural identity. I make the decision to go to school and try my best because I feel as it’ll only better me and i 'll have a better future. I make decisions that’ll keep me safe and out of trouble because doing otherwise wouldn 't get me where I’m aiming to be later in life. All my parents ask of me is that I end up better than them and it’s only because they care so i 'll do what I have to do to make that happen. Another big part of my culture is respecting your parents, I respect mine. Everything they ask or tell me to do is only to make me a better person and do better
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