Essay On Cultural Identity

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Some people claim to not have a cultural identity but that’s not true. Culture can be seen through many ways such as things you like. Music, language, movies, books, and family backgrounds are all examples of ways to identify culture. Everything that makes up a person is a form of your own cultural identity. To many people they have become blind to the things that are known as culture because it is an every day and “normal” thing to do. It is important to know and understand not only your own culture but others as well, because it’s what makes them different and original from everyone else. Three things that make me different are my choices in foods, television shows, and music. Egg rolls and other foods are a great part of the representation of my culture and me. Egg rolls are a food at most filipino parties. In fact, all Filipino parties that I have attended have had egg rolls and traditional foods. Egg rolls consist of many things such as cabbage, celery, soy sauce, carrots,…show more content…
Music is different genres such as rap, rock, country and traditional. Music itself can transport a person to a different world, where you can let everything go and relax. Hip-hop and pop are two of my favorite genres because I grew up listening to those kinds of songs. Artists I typically like are; Somo, Rihanna, Future, TGT, Bryson Tiller, and more. Each song has a deeper meaning through the lyrics and it could always bring me to a certain moment or memory in my life, either good or bad. Hip-hop and pop music also help me in situations by boosting my mood and learning from the lyrics so I can react in the right way. I am very passionate about music, especially hip-hop and pop. It keeps me connected to my culture by reminding me of where I came from and I love it. Hip-hop has an emotional connection to many things, like cultural identity. It is an important part of who I
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