Cultural Identity In Frida Kahlo And Pat Mora

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Cultural identity, the identity or feeling of belonging to a group, but what does that mean for people? For many of people their cultural identity it describes who they are, their heritage, and who they are as a person. For Pat Mora she has been torn between her cultural identity; she is not accepted by their of her cultures. Frida Kahlo is torn between her home, Mexico, and her current residence, the U.S.A.. While Frida Kahlo and Pat Mora identify as Mexican for their cultural identity, Mora describes wanting to be accepting by both of her cultures, while Frida wants to go home to her true culture. Frida Kahlo and Pat Mora both express emotion throughout their pieces. Pat Mora feels unwelcomed because neither of her cultural identities will accept her, “an alien to Mexicans/ a Mexican to Americans.” (14,15) Feeling unwelcomed has caused Mora to feel isolated; she is unaccepted by her heritage. Without her heritage Mora feels as if she has no history, no family, and no true cultural identity. In comparison, Frida Kahlo feels despondent because she is torn between her home, Mexico, and the United States. She loathes being in the United States because that is not her true home. Such as shown in her painting, “ Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the…show more content…
Frida is holding a Mexican flag and is dressed in traditional Mexican clothes even though she half way in America. Moreover, both Kahlo and Mora express forlorn because they are

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