Personal Narrative: My Journey As A Gender Therapist

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As I was searching for colleges my mom and I were talking because I had known that I wanted to go a little further for school because I need some place to transition for myself. The places I had chosen scared my mom because she would hear on the news that something bad had happened to a transgender person in that state. So I was having a really hard time finding a school. So what I decided to do some research into schools that are LBTGQI+ friendly which and I come upon UW Milwaukee while I was searching. This discovered made me really happy because it was something that was not to far from where my family is but also gave me that distance so I would be able to grow. Growing up I had a lot of troubles with my gender identity. On the outside…show more content…
At this point I have gone through counseling because my mom felt it was pessary because I was not talking to her. After I had gone through about three consulars my mom finally sat me down and talked to me about how my transgender things was going and that is the start of how I became me. My mom almost immediately started helping search for a gender therapist so I could start talking to someone about the real me and start my process of becoming a male. I would then spend the next months talking to my therapist about things I had been experience through my life that had made me come to this conclusion. Now we come to the day that has totally changed my life. The day that my therapist had told me that whenever I was ready that I would be able to start hormones. My mom and I then went to my doctor and told her that I wanted to be recommend to and endocrinologist. Which we ended up finding a doctor his name was Dr. Newell he reminded me a mixture of Spook and Yoda which I really enjoyed. I would spend the next week waiting and waiting for the paperwork to go through. Until finally I got a call saying that my prescription was in. So I rushed to the pharmacy to pick it up which ended up with me having to meet with my nurse so she could train me how to inject the
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