Essay On Caribbean Culture

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When one seeks to examine the Caribbean region, there is a clear recognition that the classification of its culture would be that of a subjugated culture due to the historical development of the region. The region developed purely as a tool for the wealth of Europe, through the labour of enslaved and dominated peoples: Tainos and Caribs, Africans, Indians and Chinese. The formation of the Caribbean region as it is known today is done through a process called colonialism. For the purpose of this discussion, “cultural identity” broadly refers to the shared beliefs and behaviours of a group, that form the basis for creating meaning for the persons who count themselves to be a part of the culture. Culture refers to the way of life of its members; the collection of ideas and habits which they learn, share and transmit from generation to generation. Changes in cultures are ongoing and inevitable. An assessment will be done on the Trench Town Culture Yard (TTCY) and its impact in shaping one’s knowledge, particularly the cultural heritage it possesses, and how this relates to Jamaica and the…show more content…
The Trench Town Culture Yard is located at 6 & 8 Lower First Street in Trench Town. It is one of the many houses which were built by the Central Housing Authority in the 1940’s. The courtyard boasts several interesting pieces one of which is a rusting, old bus which was owned by Bob Marley. The tour continues through six rooms which were delicately restored but retains many original features and fittings, community leader, Vincent ‘Tata’ Ford’s bedroom with graffiti walls to the single bed in the kitchen on which Bob Marley, arguably Trench Town 's best known resident, slept. The tour also offers the history of Trench town from maps and photographs which tell
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