Cultural Identity In Treasure Planet

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What’s your cultural identity? You don’t have one? That’s not true, everybody has culture. Everything a person does with their life creates cultural identity. For example, the music you listen to, the books you read, the sports you play, your schooling, all the things that you do are a part of culture. The books I’ve read, the music I listen to, and the movies I watch are all a part of me. Everything about you and your personality is culture, therefore everybody has a cultural identity. For starters, my books represent my culture and me. With most books, it’s just words on paper encased in a cardboard binding. Some books have designs on them, some don’t. Some have words on the front, some don't. Books always seem to get thicker every time…show more content…
In this movie the main character, Jim Hawkins, is given a map that leads to a planet filled with treasure, but a cyborg, Silver, and his crew of pirates sabotage the quest to the planet. This is an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s book, “Treasure Island,” and is one of the best Disney movies ever created. Treasure Planet is my favorite movie because the artwork and music are beautiful, and the storyline is masterfully displayed. The movie takes place in space, so all of the backgrounds are galaxies and nebulas, which make it seem like you're peering through one of Nasa’s telescopes into the night sky. Then there’s the music, which is filled with emotion that speaks better than the characters do. Treasure Planet connects me to my culture because it was one of the first movies I'd ever seen and I would sit with my father and watch it whenever he was home. It also reminds me that, no matter your background, with determination, you can do and be anything. Jim Hawkins starts off as a delinquent, but develops into an amazing character that overcame all of his problems. It proves you can do anything. Watching Treasure Planet connects me to belief of never giving
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