Cultural Identity

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What does cultural identity have to do with me? Well it basically has to do with what you love doing and how you feel about things. Cultural identity is the identity of feeling a person’s self-conception. The things that I like to do are play soccer with my family and friends, listen to music when I am angry or sad, I also love to draw pictures that pop into my mind when I see something gorgeous, cooking food is my favorite thing to do for my family and some of my other relatives, and taking care of animals that can’t take care of themselves. Those all make up my happy, loving, and fun side that I have in me. My favorite thing to do with my family is to play soccer, but watching it is even better than playing. Soccer had made a difference in my life because when I was a little girl I hated playing sports. I thought it was so boring having to get sweaty, stinky, and just playing in the hot sun. my thing was that I hated to be outside at first. But playing soccer made me realize that when you play with people that want you to do a great job, but have fun at the same time. It took me some time to get use of the game but after a while I started to win trophies like the state cup. I have won 3 out of the 4 state games that I have played in my career. So after a while playing soccer my parents would ask if I would want to play soccer and of course I would say ” Let’s go play.” so one day I think that I have a chance of playing with the pros. But sometimes I just like to
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