Cultural Identity: What Makes Me Who I Am

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Zylina touch 10/1/17 Period 2 Cultural Identity My cultural identity is Asian, often people make assumptions that I 'm Hispanic or mixed with white but I 'm actually full Cambodian. My cultures religion believes in Buddhism, I 'm not a super religious person but I do follow my parents and I have my own preferences and beliefs. My beliefs is that I believe in is higher power, karma, and spirits. What makes me different from my culture is that I was born in Seattle. Washington, but both my parents are born in Cambodia. I 'm very grateful of my parents giving me a better lifestyle living in America. My culture can be seen as food, art, and language. Since I 'm an only child I am shy at first, but when I 'm comfortable around people I 'm…show more content…
I 'm a very creative and artistic person. I love to draw, drawing helps relieve my anxiety. I 've dealt with depression ever since I was young, my childhood was very rough as I grew up it got worse. I 've always had a constant feeling that I 'll never be happily satisfied within everything I do, even if I do my best I feel like it 'll never be enough. I have attempted self harm and suicide when I was younger because of being bullied by other kids, verbally abused by my dad and my mind constantly thinking negatively. After those incidents and finally talking to an inspiring and caring teacher, I realized my purpose for why I should still live my life and that everything will be okay in the end. Everything that I 've been through made me who I am today and I 'm very proud of how strong I am. But most people don 't know that side of me because I want to give out positive energy when I 'm around people even if I 'm falling apart in the inside. In conclusion cultural identity isn 't just about race, ethics and what your beliefs are. Cultural identity is your personality, hobbies, and lifestyle. Everyone is different in their own way and have different perspectives of how they live their life. My struggles made me the strong individual I am today
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