Cultural Ignorance In Culture

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There are countless reported negative American stereotypes and I honestly struggled tremendously to find a stereotype that I identified with. However, I would say cultural ignorance is a negative American stereotype I can actively work to address as our class travels internationally. Researching cultural ignorance more in-depth will aid in my understanding and appreciating diverse cultural perspectives, the importance of historical knowledge, and the complexity of communication amongst different cultures as I travel to Europe. Cultural ignorance is when an individual shows a lack of understanding of other cultures in terms of history, society, government, and much more. This lack of knowledge and understanding can easily be interpreted as a lack of respect for the culture or country and even ethnocentrism in the more extreme examples. Although I have immense respect for every person I meet, regardless of demographics, I admit that I have a lack of knowledge when it comes to the history and politics of other cultures. Researching the various countries that will be traveled to and learn about their history and politics is the simplest way to address this stereotype. Each country we are visiting is rich with history, and that history is what shaped their politics, beliefs, society, and culture. Their history is something they take pride in and is important to them. Making the effort to not only research but taking the time to understand the effect historical events had on them
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