Examples Of Cultural Immersion

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Cultural Immersion The more we seem different, the more we are essentially the same. Cultural differences often make people think that there is something wrong with or dangerous about others. People often are afraid to experience things that are different because they fear what might happen to them. Some people view others from different cultures as less than or not desirable. Over the past weekend, I spent many hours with a diverse group of people at a birthday party. I had the opportunity to see people interact with each other and our hosts, as well as to ask our host some specific questions about his cultural background. The group attending the party was very diverse. We had European Americans, Africans, and African Americans and…show more content…
In Liberia, cultural customs and religious culture have a predisposition to secrecy and an ingrained belief to intervene in human affairs. The beliefs include the conviction of deep and hidden things about an individual that only qualified people like priests can unravel. There is a presupposition that what happens in the physical world has a foundation in the spiritual world. Special functions of Sande and Poro is to deter antisocial behavior. Sande is a women’s secret society that initiates girls into adulthood. It is alleged that they exist to instill morality and maintain the well-being of its members. Sande champions women’s political and social interests. Poro is a secret society for men and often referred to as a hunting society. Poro is considered the most important of the cultures and is governed by its own code or laws. Boys join at the age of puberty as a rite of passage. The Poro society is the native governing body, they make the laws and decide on war or peace. (Olukojo,…show more content…
He chose to get the American dream. He says that shortly after immigrating to America it was rough because nobody tried to understand him and he didn’t know what to say. Knowing the mechanics of the language did not overcome his accent. He states that he had to practice speaking slowly and work on gradually losing his accent. What my friend enjoys the most about his life now is freedom. He is no longer bound by the rulings of Poro but can choose to do and be who he wants to
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