Cultural Impact Of Culture On Nursing

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Impact of culture on nursing profession Language and communication Trans-cultural encounters like language and communication influence the way nurses talk and behave to patients. Communication involves listening, dialogue and good interpersonal climate that develop personally with each sick person, especially in this multicultural society. Communication as defined by Loubrini Kourkouta is the exchange of information, thoughts and feelings among people using speech or signs. For effective communication, nurses are on one side and patients on the other side making it a two-way thing. The patient conveys his/her fears and concerns to their nurse who helps them make a correct nursing diagnosis. Communication is a transaction and message transaction, it has content and value. Every individual has a way of communicating, communication can be verbal or non-verbal and this has made it a must for nurses to learn this skill depending the different cultures. Immigration and globalization around the world has led to birth of multicultural communities and countries, communication varies from culture to culture. Americans are expected to speak Standard English this also varies basing on region, ethnicity and social class Americans use lots of non-verbal communication, eye contact is viewed as a sign of trust and honesty between patients and nursing professionals. Multicultural encounters are further illustrated by Fernandez V 2008 Asian Community, Americans are demanding and
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