Cultural Impact Of Embroidery And Its Impact On The Community

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Overall embroidery does not only affects the individuals, but it impacts everyone in the community. Although some may resent the idea of embroidery as a hobby because it doesn’t pertain to the current times, it can be very significant to one’s life. This is the reason many people rely on a hobby such a embroidery to forget about their stress and just relax.Therefore embroidery is known as a classic form of art that was introduced to us in centuries ago and has advanced overtime through the new technology which now has an impact on our society our traditions, our health and ultimately our economic growth. By learning how to embroider one opens themselves up to more opportunities and benefits they couldn’t get otherwise, which is why learning the fine arts of embroidery is…show more content…
This can help improve your overall performance in not only in your life but also your career, and in turn make you a better student and help you achieve your goals. Tapestry which is a classic form of art has helped many people over the course of history in learning about our own traditions, society 's development, health and overall economic growth which is why it is beneficial for all of us to learn the fine arts, also known as embroidery. Many people will be surprised to discover the amazing benefits embroidery has and the history behind it. The overall cultural impact is significant because it can relate to any individual 's life and help them learn more about their history. Embroidery can be done at anytime at the comfort of your home or during spare time at work, therefore, it is encouraged for every individual to take up the fine arts to learn not only about themselves but also their community and their culture. Once you master embroidery an individual has the satisfaction of learning a very difficult task, and in the future an individual can practice embroidery on the computer which is more technologically advanced compared to the traditional method and it takes only half of the

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