Cultural Impact On Human Culture

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Art is considered to be a very important aspect of Human Culture and it was always affected by several factors including environment, society and native culture of each nation the unique features of each culture have affected greatly the art development of each nation to the extent that it made it very clear that a certain type of art belongs to a certain nation at a certain period of time. Through cultural encounters between nations have impacted both art transition between nation and the art of each nation, it has affected the art type, perception and taste in so many ways.
The cultures differ in many aspects such as the arts and religion. Cultural encounter between the countries allow to people take of each other cultures. The European Expedition of 1897 caused in the encounter between Benin and Europe; the Europeans was fascinated by the Benin art works especially the Benin bronze and they have transferred them to Europe , they sold them to the museums and scholars in and out of Europe.

The Human culture of each nation is different so many ways, this includes moral values, different tastes in art, literature or music; they also differ in social customs and traditions. Cultural encounters have been a very important process through which the human knowledge has been transferred from one nation to the other. They include translation of cultural expressions, intellectual exchange, ideological contest, technological change, economic development, trade,
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