Cultural Impacts Of Globalisation: The Impact Of Cultural Globalization

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Nowadays, the relationship between individual and individual, nation and nation are become closer, a small change happened in one place could lead to a huge impact on the other side of the world. To explain, sociologists suggest that globalisation is the main reason which makes the world become a whole. Although it is difficult to clarify what globalisation is, people generally admitted that globalization is the process of social change which different countries are increasingly interconnected and interdependent to become a whole as the ‘global village’ that people described. Scholte (2000: 46) believed that globalisation leads to deterritoriaation which the boundary between countries is blurred due to the rising interconnection and interdependency of nations, such as the economic relations, political relations and cultural relations, the demand of a single country is no longer the only criteria that country concerns within the process of policy-making. Globalisation as a remarkable step of social changes, it is influential to our daily life whether at the economic level, cultural level or public health level etc. In our following discussion, we will focus on discussing about how globalisation affects our society in national level, local level, and micro-social level, especially the cultural influence which named as ‘cultural globalisation’ Cultural globalisation is considered as “the emergence of a specific set of values and beliefs that are largely shared around the

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