Cultural Impacts Of Tourism Essay

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Positive Socio-Cultural Impacts of Tourism Since the massive growth of tourism to destination, numerous studies have being conducted on the impacts of tourism. Sharma, S. (2013), “Study looked at the Socio-Cultural impacts of tourism. His study reveals that there are both positive and negative socio cultural impacts of tourism.” However, he did not state clearly what the impacts were and how they have affected or benefited the community. Ivana, I. et al (2015), and Aref, F. (2011), “Says the positive social impacts of tourism can have an effect on quality of life. They also, state that the positive impacts are much stronger than that of the negative ones.” These authors reviewed were well structured. They arranged the articles in chronological order, yet they still manage to institute a consistent flow throughout. Chandralal, K.P.L. (2010), “State that the overall impact of tourism on the local community was positive. He also, found out that much of the research into social impacts focuses on the host community perceptions and examines the negative and positive effects of tourism on the community as perceived by its members.” Jaafar, M. et al (2015), “Studies investigated the social effects of tourism development, and how…show more content…
(Baltaretu, A. 2013). Rabbany G. MD. (2013), “State that Population increase is one of the most serious environmental problems, since negative impacts from tourism occur when the level of visitor use is greater than the environment’s ability to cope with this use within acceptable limits of change As the population increases, it puts greater demands on our land and resources.” Adeleke, B. O. (2014). “State that while tourism has led in many ways to development in terms of improved infrastructure and built environment, traffic problem, overcrowding and pollution are among the major negative impacts tourism has on the
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