Cultural Imperialism In American Music

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Cultural imperialism is the export of other countries’ cultural values of consumerism and individualism, for instance, the western country’s culture. It mostly exports the ideals of the first world country and imports them to the third world country. In that way, people across the globe are absorbing the same information, so the recipient’s culture is eroded if the other countries culture tries to dominate them. The lifestyle, food, fashion, and also music, and so forth are the part of the culture. And the music is a special aspect in cultural imperialism. It is easy to use music to influence people’s mind by the lyrics and rhythm. There are so many kinds of music being a trend during a certain time. For example, in the early of 20th century, the American music is the trend and its influence around the globe. Many peoples are more interested about and focusing on the classical music, blues, and country music, also jazz which from African Americans. The trend of American music still influences the people; however, the mainstream of the music has been changed. In nowadays world, the Korean pop music (K-pop) is getting famous and spread to the globe. K-pop including electronic music, hip-hop, R&B and more, that is under the term Korean Wave which also known as Hallyu that in Korean language. (Desideri, 2013) It became the latest trend that lets many peoples are paying attention and have the interest on Hallyu, especially the younger generation. Hallyu really gives a great
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