Cultural Importance Of Movies

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In terms of contemporary society, a film appears to be the chief form of cultural expression and the study of the film directly involves the study of culture. Cinemas, in general, are aimed at providing cultural and historical significance to the nation where they are produced. Through narrative formats, films promote nations to examine their cultural importance, beliefs as well as a sense of their identity. Also, these works filmed within a particular country can represent the concept of an individual and their lived realities. Moreover, they may be enthralling parts of art which expose the most important elements of a certain nation or people in the nation that can contrary be unfamiliar to a foreigner. Actually, at any rate, any film whether it is produced by a mega-corporation in Hollywood or by an independent group with the relatively small budget, it will surely present insight to the cultural values and views of the movie-makers as well as areas which are common to them the most. In the context of intercultural communication, films remain to be of great importance for people from other countries since they bring an insight into the history of any unfamiliar country, its cultural elements, its uniqueness. The main purpose of this essay is to reveal the real significance of films as tools to understanding cultures with specific examples of such movies as Twelve Years a Slave and Run, Lola, Run. Nearly any film has an immense ability to generate an illusion of reality
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