Cultural Inferiority In Filipinos

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There are multiple companies of different clothing brands all over with all kinds of fashion choices while people especially adolescents choosing and deciding what, which, how and where to buy or get what they want to wear personally. According to Beaver (2015), As consumers, we like to think we favor a brand because of objective factors, such as product quality or price. But insights from psychology, the study of the human mind and behavior, suggest that our feelings and identities may have a greater influence on which brands we choose.
Our choice of clothing is what defines our identity, clothing brands mostly have what people look for in themselves on what kind of style they want. According Peter Noel Murray, a consumer psychologist in
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Mike Pana (n.d.) says that colonial mentality is a theory that may somehow be depicted as cultural inferiority. The Filipinos has been constantly colonized by different foreigners that they had no choice but to follow their rules and live under their command. As time went by, the Filipinos have developed into thinking that foreigners are better than they are because they are able to conquer and colonize other countries. It is because of this thinking why the Filipinos are more inclined to buying foreign brands rather than local…show more content…
The colonization of Spain and the United States have made the Filipinos think that local products are poor or of no quality at all. It is this colonization that have led the Filipinos to thinking that foreigners are better than they are. This has made the researchers believe that colonial mentality is the main reason why we are inclined to buying clothing based on Western products than local products. The researchers have also observed that many of the studies about colonial mentality have led to the Philippines having a cultural inferiority (Royeca, 2014; David and Okazaki, 2006; Pana,

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