Cultural Influence Of Korean Culture

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The popularity of Korean culture has been increasing both in Asian countries and this has spread to other parts of the world in recent years. The forms of cultural influence from Korea are movies, songs, dramas, fashion, food, and beauty. This form of influence is known as Korean wave or Hallyu. In countries like Indonesia, the presence of Hallyu Culture or Kpop affected people to be aspired to be what they idolized from that culture (Burhanuddin, 2016).
The influence of the culture continues to grow and affect Korean beauty brands. It is marked by growth of sales volume and market-share gains in the global beauty market. Exports of Korean cosmetics have been increasing since 2011 with an average 36,9% and reaching US$2.45 billion in 2015.
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Indonesian consumers are allured to branded products. They are affected by marketing approach of companies such as commercials, artist ambassador, beauty vlogger (video blogging), product packaging, and color (packaging) that give an impact on a brand purchase decision. Consumer preferences is a crucial step to understand consumer attitude toward brand behavior. In cosmetic industry exist a high degree of customer loyalty, if a consumer feels satisfied and comfortable with the certain brand then he or she is unlikely to switch to another brand. We do brand analysis if the business situation in well condition so as to ensure that the business is available for long-term orientation provided with appropriate business objectives. Essentially, it can be used for further business development in a global market in the form of effective strategy and innovation (Sengupta, 2014). A brand analysis is suitable to conduct whether to know customer preference relied most on one of the specific brands. This study using (Min-Young, Knight, & Youn-Kyung, 2008) model and (Sengupta, 2014) that they used to analyzed customer assessment of local versus global brand. If consumers perceive that the product has comparative advantages with other products and that element is very meaningful to the consumer, so the consumer will choose the product even though the product is relatively similar to others. Last things to be analyzed in this study is consumer attitude toward global products. The relationship between affinity towards global brands and brand preferences have acknowledged by recent studies (Sengupta, 2014). Therefore, this study analyzes how the brand is recognized, how the brand is appraised and to what extent consumers are entrust to the

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