Cultural Influences In The Bahamas

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The Bahamas are a group of islands which lie 50 miles off the eastern coast of Florida. The Bahamas have a mixed pot of cultures with some of its own unique style of articulation. Bahamians are well-known for being friendly, humorous, religious and hospitable. However, for decades The Bahamas have been bombarded with American cultural influences. Because of our close proximity to America, The Bahamas have relied heavily to what Americans have to offer. We became dependent on importation of goods from America and have adapted to many of their lifestyles, customs and beliefs. Mass Media has greatly impacted our Bahamian way of life so much so that it’s almost extinct. Bahamians mimic mostly everything Americans do. Americans has influenced…show more content…
Bahamians often mix American lingo with Bahamian dialect in their speech. For example, a common American lingo that Bahamian says is “off the chains.” I often say things like “that food was off the chains hey.” Because I hear it so much in The Bahamas, I did not even know that that was American. Another common thing that Bahamians love to do is shift their dialect to American the second they cross their feet over to the American side of our International Airport. Bahamians don’t even wait till they reach American soil to switch their language. I don’t see the point. Many outsiders love the way we speak. Bahamians just need to appreciate who they are. In addition, Bahamian cuisine has been influenced by American fast food chains. Bahamian diet consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, sea food, peas ‘n’ rice, macaroni, crab ‘n’ dough, guava duff, etc. Now that American fast food chains have spread across, mainly New Providence, our local Bahamian food has been set aside for occasions. Some of the American fast food that is in The Bahamas is Wendy’s, McDonalds, Carl’s Jr., Popeye’s, Dunkin Donuts, Dominos and KFC. Moreover, America has influence on our educational system as well. Most of our textbooks we use are

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