Cultural Influences Of Madonna

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History of Madonna: Did you know that Madonna, the queen of pop, was raised by her grandparents in Christian religious background? This essay will focus on the cultural influences of Madonna as an artist during America since her childhood. It will look at her changing fashion styles, identity, sexuality, how she had an impact on women and women 's independence as well as her overall impact upon society, not only through her music but through her individual strength.
Taraborrelli, J. Randy. Madonna: an intimate biography. Pan Books, 2014 says Madonna, Louise Ciccone was born on 16 August 1958, grew up in Rochester Hills Michigan. Her mother died of breast cancer when Madonna was only 5 years old, which was a massively traumatic event for the young girl (“Madonna Biography”). Her grandparents took responsibility for raising her. Madonna saw herself as being Cinderella and having to take care of everything and clean up after everyone.
Madonna grew up a Roman Catholic, she had to do everything for the father! though, at her early age, she displayed a rebellious streak. In 1978, she dropped out of college and moved to New York (“Madonna Biography.”) She got a job as a waitress at Dunkin Donuts, this is the most part I love about her and during her spare time she learned modern dance, she temporarily joined a rock band ‘The Breakfast Club’ and later tried to make a solo career How did Madonna become famous? Madonna is an icon, "the queen of pop" that has played a role in
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