Slippers Pest Analysis

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External influences includes an individual’s culture, sub-culture, family and social class.
Culture refers to a set of values, ideas, artifacts and other meaningful symbols that help individual communicate,interpret and evaluate as members of society. It is also defined as a set of socially acquired behavior pattern that conveys symbolically through language and other means to the members of a particular society. Characteristics that are influenced by culture includes communication and language, dressing and appearance, time and time consciousness, values and work habit and practices. For communication and language, Fipper uses the English and Malay language in their advertisements respectively with a sole purpose of interacting and giving
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Fipper is also available in Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Fipper is known for its quality and durability. It is also eco-friendly, made from natural rubber is that is completely free from Bisphenol-A, it ensures that the slipper itself is free from any bacterial infections and health hazards compared to the common Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) type of slippers. As for the disposal part, it is easy for Fipper because it is biodegradable. Now,Fipper has more than hundreds of ranges and colors for their customers to choose and customize on their own. Nevertheless our product’s availability is consistent and customers can purchase on their own in any of their outlets. Due to Fipper’s quality and budget friendly price, the brand has been spread by word of mouth by our current clients. This enables Fipper to maintain its current market as well as getting more potential customers in the…show more content…
Reference groups are determined by these factors: values, attitudes, behaviours, and norm of this group are perceived to have relevance upon the evaluations, behaviors, and aspirations of another individual. Fipper’s reference groups includes primary groups, informal groups and membership. A primary group is a social group that shares similarities in their beliefs and behaviour. For example, family members. The parent’s taste on clothing and attire will influence the younger generation. Informal groups is based on friendship or interests. Hence,when an individual is motivated by their friends, the consumers will buy. For example, I would like to purchase the same thing my best friend purchases. Other than that, membership refers to when a person is recognized as a group member, and they accept and are influenced by the habits and styles of the group. For example: When a group of people uses a certain product, the rest of the members will use it as well. In these groups, each group contains an opinion leader that influences clients to purchase certain goods or services. For instance, an opinion leader shares good experience by word of mouth about Fipper, and thus the opinion followers will be influences into purchasing Fipper’s product as well because they think it is

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