Cultural Influences On Culture

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External influences includes an individual’s culture, sub-culture, family and social class.
Culture refers to a set of values, ideas, artifacts and other meaningful symbols that help individual communicate,interpret and evaluate as members of society. It is also defined as a set of socially acquired behavior pattern that conveys symbolically through language and other means to the members of a particular society. Characteristics that are influenced by culture includes communication and language, dressing and appearance, time and time consciousness, values and work habit and practices. For communication and language, Fipper uses the English and Malay language in their advertisements respectively with a sole purpose of interacting and giving clear information to the client. For their dressing and appearance, Fipper’s products are colorful and allows clients to customize their own colour and design. Colors are able to reflect personalities and attitudes, for example: Red represents passion and outgoing attitude. Time and time consciousness is also reflected in Fipper, as people wear Fipper’s products based on venue and occasion. Hence,when clients need to go outdoors for a casual occasion they would prefer wearing Fipper.
Continuing on, working habits and practices are one of the cultural characteristics that affects Fipper. Fipper’s clients normally wear it after work because some clients need to dress formally in high heels or formal working shoes to work. But after work
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