Cultural Influences On Japanese Culture

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Japan, a rugged island country slightly smaller than California resting in the Pacific Ocean. The island of Japan is home to many active and dormant volcanoes, abundant with mountainous terrain. Japanese have always been recognized for their deep cultural ties, notorious for adopting cultures though the environment around them. Historically Japan has accepted new ideals from nature to its neighboring countries. Japan 's alluring landscape has constantly influenced Japanese lifestyle. Shinto, Japan’s original religion was born from nature around them. Japan’s big brother China, has contributed the most to the ever-evolving Japanese culture. Buddhism, architecture, philosophy, law and more were all directly influenced by China. Japan’s rich culture encompasses evolving beliefs, distinct social norms, honest etiquettes, and features of habitual existence that can only be found there. Japan’s cultural uniqueness can be dated back to the primordial years of the country. To this day aged traditions are incorporated into contemporary life. Shifting trends, fashion and technological developments are what makes the Japanese culture so prodigious. The first historical document mentioning Japan is dated around the 5th century, but historians claim Japans history dates to as early as 35000 BC. When westerners think of Japan they often imagine the romantic side of classical Japanese culture surrounded by enchanting geishas, stunning works of art, and colossal sumos. Geishas are

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