Cultural Influences On Young People

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An adolescence is a time of energy, enthusiasm and potential, this time can be uncertain, awkward and you will be searching for identity. You go through physical, cognitive, emotional and relational changes. You can usually an adolescence between 13-18 years old, there are three types of influences on a young person; biological, Social and Cultural. Biological influences is an increase in sex hormones change in the body structure and function, the age of menstruation has changed girls get their periods earlier now, they get them at the ages of 12years old this has changed over time and culture (Lalor et al; 2007). Social influences are expectations delivered via intense media, adult and peers are very important to a young person at this time. The family (parenting style), schools, religion and community all can influences the social influences on a young person development, Martha is all about her peers at this stages she goes out and socialize with them and only really care about what they are doing. Her mum was a young mother herself so her parenting style could be different to Martha compared to the other two brothers because her mother has got older. Martha listens to a lot of music so this could be influencing her social life and who she hangs around with. Cultural influences for young people depend on what culture they are from because all culture are different, this is essential on their development. This can be everything from family beliefs on marriage to how they
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