Cultural Interview: Overcoming Racial Discrimination

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There are many people in this lifetime that have experienced discrimination, but today I decided to do my cultural interview on my boyfriend .Terrell Rainey is an African American male, born April 8, 1996 born in Decatur Georgia. I decided to interview on him because of his traumatizing childhood and his drive to overcome poverty .The interview consisted of a series of question that give a brief description of his background and perception on discrimination.
The Cultural interview started off with an introduction of who he was and the purpose of the activity. The first question I asked was what is your definition of discrimination? He stated that discrimination is prejudice treatment against a different race, sex, or age. He explained that discrimination can be described as looking down one someone, stereotyping, or putting limitations what that person can be. Next, I asked for a brief description of his childhood. He described it as being as being extreme, unpleasant, and exceptionally poor. He grew up in a low budget project homes with his parents and four younger siblings. The neighborhood was located in a dangerous part of East Atlanta surrounded by drugs, prostitution, and gang violence.He elaborated on how his surroundings had an
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After we discusses how the classroom situation affected him ,I then asked what tactics did he use to differentiation himself from others while growing up? He explained how he always kept a positive attitude and stayed away from negative distractions. He witnessed people dying every day in my community and strung out on drugs. These tragedies got to be inspiration for him to stay in the books and concentrated on playing basketball.We discussed what he felt like his position he feels like he hold in society.He felt like his position in society is to bring awareness to social injustice of all people of color .he also stressed the idea leading the way and the importance of being a positive role model for all African American
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