Cultural Issues In The Movie Pat Pemberton

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Pat and Mike is about Pat Pemberton a skilled athlete unless her fiancé is around, but wants to follow her dreams, and seeks out the help of Mike Conovan a manager. Throughout the movie there are several cultural issues addressed, positive and negatives of how the women are portrayed in the movie.
In Pat and Mike there are cultural issues of women becoming professional athletes, women seen as property, and men are being over controlling. First issue is Pat Pemberton a woman that is aspired to become a professional athlete in golf or tennis which is fairly new. The second issue is women were seen as property, during an argument between Mike and Collier it is mentioned that Mike owns 51% from Pat’s Contract and Collier own all of her based on he is her fiancé. Third issue is men are controlling of their women, Mike is basically controlling everything Pat does like telling her to not smoke, not drink alcohol, and that she should
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Women let their men control them for example in the begin when Collier picks up Pat from the University, she is wearing slacks and Collier ask her if that is what she is wearing basically telling her to put on a skirt. Therefore Pat runs back inside to grab her skirt to wear at the golf event they were attending together. Another instance when Pat, Mike, and sponsors are having a dinner together before Pat has a tennis match, Pat starts to order her drink and dinner but Mike interrupts Pat and orders a drink and dinner for her. During Pat’s second golf tournaments Collier shows up to support her, but Pat instantly loses her confidence, after the tournament Mike and Collier argue over who owns Pat. Lastly, whenever Collier attends one of Pat’s golf tournament or tennis match to be a supportive fiancé Pat always loses her confidence almost instantly and ends up losing her tournament or
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