Cultural Issues In Tourism

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can as long it can counter all the problem occurs because like we said before this one theory cannot be used to answer all the issue arise in this industry. We also face dilemma in making decision in daily live, it also same goes to this tourism study. Researchers face all kind of dilemma in order to develop or create new theories to be used in this industry accordingly. The journal also said that it try to check back an existing disciplinary in tourism studies in order to allow it to be redevelop into a new kind of approach compare to an old one. The author also argue about the disciplinary dilemma because of tourism is a complex field, an existing study such as anthropology, economics, sociology, geography, marketing and many more still…show more content…
Everything in this world is possible, no matter how hard it is there is still a way to get out from chaos. We just need to think outside the box, Rumi (2016) quote says that “why do you stay in prison, while the door is so wide open”. The quote itself show how big we can expand our knowledge and adventure could be a long way to be explore instead of stay in one place with same people, surrounding and mindsets. We find a way to spread our idea and thought if not it will be a dead end it will be bury inside our self, who knows if we express our ideas and thought it could help the researcher to develop a new theories based on new type of thinking by a young man who is have fresh new ideas. New type of thinking and theories need to be use and introduced because Y generations are differing from the other generation such as X generation, baby bloom and many more. Generation Y are the type of generation that keep on asking question why this, why that, why not this, why this theories is reliable and so on. So we need young generation to participate in the tourism studies to contribute their ideas and opinion…show more content…
We need to create a well organize system so that it can be a guide lines for the researchers to follow to make sure their research in tourism study is reliable and strong enough to be used in this industry without hesitate. To make things clear they need to make a more comprehensive approach from all aspect in tourism studies. Research attempt lots of techniques and ways to make sure everything will flow smoothly according to plan. In this journal they frequently said about the interdisciplinary, intradisciplinary, multidisciplinary and crossdisciplinary. What does it mean by this entire disciplinary act? First of all is intradisciplinary is about using a single discipline in a research purpose. Second is interdisciplinary it mean that researchers can relate their findings to more than one branch of knowledge. Third is multidisciplinary which mean the combination of several disciplines or professional specialization to overcome the problems. The last one is crossdisciplinary mean that they look or evaluate the disciplines from different kind of perspective to see the outcomes which method can provide the best answers. In this case researchers are more tend to use the interdisciplinary approach compare

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