Modern Medicine Vs Cultural Medicine Essay

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Cultural medicine versus Modern medicine The issue of whether cultural medicine is just as effective as modern medicine in treating illnesses and disease have brought many arguments forward. Both cultural medicine and modern medicine heal illnesses and diseases. In this essay the author will be for the use of cultural medicine and state why she is against the use of modern medicine. A mother visited a physician because her son was suffering from flu symptoms. The physician asked the boy to remove his shirt and noticed bruises on the boy’s upper body. The physician then asked the mother what had happened and the mother replied that it’s from a procedure known as ‘coining’ that she had performed on him. The procedure involves using warm oils…show more content…
It is not guaranteed that women will have a normal pregnancy later in life after having an illegal abortion. Backstreet abortionists have no formal qualifications and sees this mainly as an opportunity to make money. Illegal abortions can be costly the further you are in your pregnancy. Legal abortions in South Africa is free and is performed in most hospitals and clinics, however it is still responsible for many maternal deaths in South Africa. With the legalisation of abortion, I believe that women use abortion as a form of contraception. If I could put myself in the shoes of this pregnant mother who wants to have an illegal abortion, I will carry the baby to full term and then give the baby up for adoption. Since there are many women out there who cannot conceive but would like to have a baby. In my opinion, I am against the practices of all forms of abortion, because a foetus is considered as a human being and deserves moral recognition. Moral recognition begins at conception and by having an abortion robs the child of the potential that could have lived. Abortion therefore has the same equivalence as murder. The father should be arrested for raping his daughter. According to my religion, abortion is wrong and every child is seen as a blessing from God, so then why destroy God’s

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