Cultural Message In A Museum

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In the meaning construction process, exhibits are selected, and displayed according to a certain ideologies(1). The museums context including architecture design, galleries layout, and the museum content including displayed exhibits, and theme are working together to provide visitors lifelong learning opportunity. Consequently, cultural messages are those which produce structured cultural ethical, aesthetic, and political information.
3.3.1. Cultural Message Information
Information is the fundamental element of knowledge. It is realized as a result of communication processes between individuals, and the surrounding world. The documented information is inherent in human knowledge. It represents both the observed characteristics of the object,
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Information is the product of the message that is experienced through the museum visit. Information is extracted, and received from several forms of communication take place between the museum visitors’, who are participating in the communication process, and the objects. In addition, various messages are received through different communication patterns. All the information extracted through this communication process are belong to the sphere of knowledge. The transformation of cultural documents into knowledge, is reflecting the phenomena of the social reality, where the communication takes place. When the formulated information, and messages are differing, the exhibited cultural material is stable(2).
Objects are like language, it is understood as a social, and cultural action, which is significant for certain groups. The museum objects are the culture documentation material. The museum objects layers of meaning are drawing down their Museality. The museological communications of specific museum objects is governed by the cultural heritage space it is exhibited inside, which directly influence the representation of the historical reality. Consequently, the information in museums is revitalized, as a result of the time change, and the individuals involved in communication processes with museum
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Different social objects are represent from various historical times together in the museum spaces. Museum objects are representing the movable heritage with different characteristics. Objects are carrying their symbolic values, and meanings in their material structure. Accordingly, when it is exhibited within a context, it documents a certain reality, and presents its own history. In the process of meaning making of the museum objects, the main factors to be considered are the relation between those objects, and the space they are exhibited in, in addition to the collective visitors' experience.
The museum object, and collection are the main sources of two kinds of information, cultural and scientific. The scientific information in museums are created in various disciplines including archaeology, art history, anthropology, ethnology, technical, and natural sciences. And the structured cultural information is the result of museology that observes the individuals', and society reactions to the museum cultural messages within a certain social, and cultural
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