Cultural Mistakes In American Culture Analysis

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am from South Carolina and have not been many places inside and nowhere outside the United States. As I viewed the chart, there was only one countries cultural mistakes I already knew about on it. The only one I already knew was Great Britain. They are calmer about their emotions and do not display them as we do in the United States. I knew they did not gossip about the Royal Family. They take the Royal Family very seriously. All the others cultural mistakes were a big surprise.

There were several cultural mistakes that were complete surprises. France was first on the list. I was very surprised about the two hour lunch. I could not imagine having a two hour lunch break. What would I do with two hours? Taking a nap would be the only thing I could think of. Next, Italy surprised me when it said that paste was not the main course. Here when we see or hear we are having Italian for lunch or dinner we think pasta. If pasta is not the main dish, I would never guess what is. Then, Spain shocked me with expecting an individual to be late. I would have not expected this.
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If you are not familiar with a culture you might want to at least look up information about their culture. Something you might feel is okay maybe very offensive to others, even in the United States. This is not just about cultures outside the United States but inside as well. We are a melting pot with a wide variety of races, religions, political and ethical views. These are all parts of cultural differences and living under a “Diversity Umbrella” (DuBrin 161). They do not have to occur between continents, but can be seen between states, communities and even within a family. Although, we might not know these mistakes, individuals will still see them as offensive. I am sure most of us would do the same if a foreign person said something offensive, because we expect them to know and they may expect us to

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